Full tagging method  summary


Full tagging  method summary.


Full tagging is a resolution technique used to crack resisting puzzles excluding any use of Trial & Error.


Full tagging belongs to the multi-colouring family. The method can be applied in a highly progressive way.


Using the full potential of the method, no known puzzle resists, but we are out of the field covered by a human being.


The process has been divided in four main levels. This corresponds to the activation of some specific stuff or of specific tools as choices.


This does not reflect totally the human perception of difficulty, so a player can build it’s own set of constraints to create a level adjusted to it’s skills. Some clues will be given to make relevant adjustments


Presentation will cover the following topics


Level 1 : What is done before entering full tagging and what is the simplest step in full tagging.


Level 2: using ALS, AHS AC, choices


Level 3: extensive use of choices


Level 1 plus: How can a human being  continue if level 1 is not successful


Level 4:  introducing AC2 to crack hardest puzzles



One simple way to evaluate increasing difficulty is to consider processing time.


A puzzle solvable with level one is solved in 0.1 to 0.5 second.

A puzzle requesting level 2 is solved in  1 to 2 seconds.

A puzzle requesting level 3 can last up to 20 seconds

The toughest puzzle Golden Nugget is solved in about 100 seconds.


We are in a range 1 to 500/1000. Human capacity up to now is limited to puzzles solved in the range 2 to 5 seconds.



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New features have been added later. Here is the list of these new capabilities


Symmetry  entered December 2008


Allan Barker model  entered October 200


Three Super Candidates patterns entered October 2008 not yet described


Extended RI capabilities  (January 2009  in progress)


Almost fish patterns (to come)


New Chapter: solving hardest puzzles


Files available for down load

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