Full tagging model  summary


Full tagging model is another presentation of the full tagging method. The stress is put here on the common part of all steps described in the method.


That chapter should be red before entering the program description.


In that chapter, I shall also develop a drawing approach of clearing sequences .


Drawing can not be used as a basis to express solutions, it is to difficult to handle. Reversely, it can be a way to understand how works the computer and why the solver is performing so well solving hardest puzzles.


The first part  Model rules   summarize definitions, rules and constraints applied in the model and open the drawing view.


  Page 1  Basic logic and constraints used in the model

  Page 2  Detailed rules and basis for drawings

  Page 3  level 4 specific:  Virus Pattern logic, vicinity analysis,  memory function, tagging  ...


The second part   drawings      is a development of drawings basic patterns and  examples


  Page 1 basic diagrams and simple cases (EASTER Monster)

  Page 2 a more sophisticated diagram  (EASTER Monster) and introduction to a complex case     

     including  use of couple tags (Golden Nugget)

  Page 3 diagram corresponding to the last case




Model rules p1 p2 p3

 Drawings p1  p2   p3