SK_BFORCE a brute force solver


The “brute force” is known as being the fastest way to see if a puzzle has a unique solution .

Here we are considering puzzles assumed to be a Sudoku or puzzles produced to find sudokus. Variants of this process will appear in several places eg:


In the solving process,

  finding self cleaning within a digit

  Finding cleaning potential limited to several digits

In the search of  17 clues sudokus

  Checking partial sudokus (one band, 2 bands)

  Finding UAs


Experience shows that the best processes have a limited logic and enter quickly in guessing mode.


One of the best known processes has been described here


The primary source has been proposed by user zhouyundong_2012. No copyright  specified. Many variants have been studied


This version is another variant using a guess intensively focused on bi value cells. As far as I can see, it is significantly faster than  my previous version.


The following topics are developed here after :


Update frame


Guessing Strategy


Full Update Compiling constraints