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SUDOKU SOLVER   full tagging method


This site has been created to explain how my solver works.


English part of the site is not dedicated to beginners in SUDOKU.


 Many sites are doing it in a much better way that I could do.


Only the specific part of the method is explained in details.


The content is summarized here below.














A pragmatic approach of  the solver process,  from puzzles easy to solve to hardest puzzles. Also available a summary of the process made on the forum players here


An approach of the same reality trying to stress on the common tools used along the process. A kind of theoretical model.


The key points describing how the model has been handled in the program.



Note : Most of the topics explained here have been already shown on the Players forum


http://www.sudoku.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5624     (full tagging)




http://www.sudoku.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=5752     (full tagging level 4 examples)


History and references


Although this process has been developed independently end of 2005 beginning of 2006 and improved till now, The start is very close to MEDUSA 3D  described here




I used this site when somebody mentioned it to me. Our results were significantly different form those claimed by Bob Hanson due to the fact that forcing chains are not authorized (by choice) in that process.


This forced us to find other tracks to overcome the difficulty.  One very significant step has been the concept of groups, developed at that time on the players forum.


Other developments have been done with the team of the Figaro forum in France.

The chapter on Virus Patterns has been strongly influenced by the work of  Stephen Kurzhals on Easter Monster.